Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Catching up with 2016!

Caution...Long post ahead!!  

So much time has gone since my last post!  I will try to post some pictures about projects I have done during these last few months.  Have done some really cute crochet gifts!  Went to a sale this week and picked up a lot of vintage goodies.  So yes I should be blogging!

Here is my latest - a crocheted Lego blanket for my grandson Denison who just turned 5!  I had to mail it since he lives in Denver, and he got it yesterday.  It took a lot of time making all the pieces but it wasn't really hard.  If I had to do it over I'd connect the a little more nicely.  But I know how it's going to get treated by all the grandkids so I'm not too worried.  :)

The week before that, I made a taxidermy moose for my sister-in-law Rachel who turned 60!  She likes moose, mooses? Ha.  So I did this kinda last minute and had a couple of late nights and hours getting it done but it's so cute!  Now I want to make some more and experiment.

I decided to go ahead, while I'm at it, to do a recap of the last half a year since about Thanksgiving, of some of the things I've made, happenings around Bluebird in the Pines and family!
Thanksgiving pies!

Our new grandson Henley was born on 1/2/16, one day after we left there and drove home!  I was so disappointed that we missed his birth, but we went back out when he was a month old. Here he is in the Very Hungry Caterpillar cocoon I made for him.

I love these kind of pocket vases and have a couple in my booth.

I did a Christmas CAL and this is one of the things we made, I love it, I gave it to my grandkids.

I experimented with tea cup candles.  Fun.

 Two more Christmas CAL items, snowflakes and scrubbies.

 Cup Cozies, I love making these!

I made a "Box o'Gnomes" for the grandkids!  So fun and I will do this again.  They did not stay in a box for long and are scattered around their house now. :)

Cup coasters I made for my son.

Bunny Lovie for my younger granddaughter.

Peter Rabbit blanket I made for Henley!

Sock Monkey hat for Denison!

Henley and Epaw

Cute "hat" for Elodie!  She is still a little bald on top at age 2 so this looked so cute on her for her 2nd birthday.

 Ok so my oldest granddaughter Eva was feeling sad that everyone else had something, so I made her this "sleeping bag" for her dolls.  Fun.

We have an antique fan museum in Zionsville, and my brother-in-law Tom needed a "fan" for the sewing machine fan, so I made one out of some fabric he had bought from India. It fans back and forth when you peddle the sewing machine.

I play trumpet in the Zionsville Concert and, and took this selfie after our first concert of the spring which was right after Easter.

Annual GardenFest in Lebanon, Bluebird booth

 Then the event we trained for for quite a while, the Indianapolis Mini-Marathon.  My husband, the runner, walked it with me.  We did really great and it was my first half-marathon.  Not sure I will do it again as it was a little hard on my knees but will stick to shorter ones.  It was fun to go around the track and it was so encouraging when we finished really strong.

 These are pin cushions I made from old baby shoes I found at Goodwill! Love them.  Also some wooden hangers that I decorated with ribbon and flowers. These have been in my booth but not selling so bringing them home.


One of the loves of my life....a beautiful mama bluebird with her newly hatched babies, I took this by sliding my Iphone into the box.  So pretty.

This spring I am starting a new flock of chickens!  Here are some pictures of their development.  We have 7 and just found out one of them is a rooster, but he gets to stay for now.  :)

That's all folks!  Thanks for reading through a few months of happenings at Bluebird in the Pines!

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