Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My header photos

Not sure if I ever explained this, but the photos at the top of my page pretty much sum up my life.  I am a bluebirder.  The Eastern Bluebird pictured at left is a passion of mine.  I head up the local bluebird society and for probably 15 years I have put out bluebird boxes, and taught other people about them and how to help them also.  Our yard has a long line of beautiful white pines, and something I love is to hear my bluebirds out in the pines singing their hearts out.  So I gave our little farm this name, and also use this name for my blog and my antique booth.

The beautiful lady holding the cake is my great-grandma Nellie. She was my mom's grandma on her dad's side.  This was a birthday of hers and I just love the picture.  She died one year before I was born, she had 8 children and was a farmers wife! For some reason I have always been inspired to be like her.  Another big inspiration is my grandma, Katie.  She died when I was almost 2 so I didn't get to know like my older siblings. But she is also a huge inspiration, she was a great seamstress, cook and crocheted many beautiful things. She was my mom's mom.

The other pictures are of our barn and our grandkids.  I have a blessed life and I am learning to "bloom where I am planted."  Sometimes I lament that our kids are gone and I really hate being apart from them, but I am trying to count my blessings and love my life!

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