Saturday, June 6, 2015

I have so much to update!  I'm still trying to figure out how to use Blogger and make a respectable looking blog.  Remember Xanga?  Yes, old school, but I had that figured out so well.  Now I have things to blog about again, and ideas, lots of ideas!  So I need to study and figure this baby out, because I don't really want to start over again on another site.  For instance, I want to put a nice header with this gorgeous bluebird, but this is just not right at all, way too big, and I haven't figured out yet how to do it.   **Edit:  I found a page about how to make a header with Picmonkey!**

So, on my very first post on Bluebird in the Pines, I talked about my frustrations of having dreams and never being able to make them come true.  Since then I have taken big steps!  I created a great craft room, which is a little cluttered up but has a lot of potential.  Last month I took a leap and rented a bookcase in the Zionsville (Indiana) Antique Mall, Booth #12, look for my pretty bluebird decorations.  I called my space "Bluebird in the Pines" of course!

In January I took another leap and joined the Zionsville Concert Band.  I needed to start playing my trumpet again!  We practice on Tuesday nights, and have had a couple of concerts.  A few more are coming up in July.  I know this is a talent and a gift I need to use.  Need to find time to practice though.
Here I am with my cornet and my trumpet.  Our home was broken into in January, and I praised God that they didn't steal my instruments.

I have a lot more pictures to add.  But I have things to figure out.  When our home was robbed, my laptop was stolen.  My kids all said, get a Mac!  Grumble grumble.  I know they are great and all, but I am still figuring it all out. Plus figuring out this Blogger. Also I need to work on a Facebook page for Bluebird in the Pines, then I would have an easy way to share pictures of my antique booth, my bluebirds, my farm etc etc.   I had my laptop photos etc backed up on Idrive, but I haven't gotten all of those put back up on Picasa Web Album, or wherever else I need to store some pictures to make it easier to share on here.

Yesterday morning I went out to find that 3 of my 4 chickens had been killed.  Oh I am sad. I've lost chickens before, but never 3 at once.  Things have gone so well for the last year, since we had a couple lost, that I guess I got a little careless and didn't notice a big gap in the pen that is on the back side of the barn.  Some little critter, we think a weasel, got in.  I have a barred rock that has been "broody" and that saved her life.  I want to get more, but we know we have a lot of work to do on the barn first.

Maybe I'll figure out my pictures and come back and add some to this blog.   


  1. Hello my friend! I haven't been on my Blogger / Xanga for quite sometime, and I've missed it very much! I've also missed my friends, and blog hopping around, as well! I do miss the 'old' Xanga, too. I also created a site on WordPress since a few of my friends went there. I used the same name, Threads of Faith. It's nice, but I really like Blogger much better ... much easier to use, and a little more private! I know you'll get the hang of it here, once you start working with it. I tried making mine look like my old home on Xanga, with the three columns, etc. I even have the same pictures and verses on there that I had on the old one. I need to change some of that too ... so very much has changed since then.

    If you drop by my site, you'll notice I haven't posted since 2013 ... I need to remedy that, and quick! I was so happy to see your post in my reading list, so I hopped on over! It's motivating me to get on the ball again! I hope you hop on over and follow me, too! I did comment on your post way back on November 12, 2013. The one titled, 'It's never too late to be who you might have been'. Have to say it was an encouragement to me to read it again tonight, and especially right now in my life!

    Also, I love Picmonkey! I've used it often for my headers ... and may I say, you did a beautiful job on yours! We do need to get up to Zionsville and see your booth, too ... I've always wanted to live there, but it's way over our budget! Would love to see/hear you play in the band there, too! We used to come to a lot of the Zionsville functions when Ian was little. I have some favorite shops I've missed browsing through, as well. Such a pretty little town!

    I'm so sorry to hear that you were robbed! You feel so violated when things like that happen ... our car was broken into and they stole everything we had in there, including the stereo! Didn't lose a computer, but my son talked me into getting a Mac back in 2011. I have to say, once I got used to the difference between that and my PC, I've come to love it! You probably have a newer model so things are a little different than mine, but like Blogger, I know you'll figure it all out in time! There are lots of teaching videos on it that I still refer back to from time to time.

    As for sharing photos here on Blogger ... I have a lot of my photography over on Flickr. I can choose the size I want for my post, copy the code, and bring it over here, and paste it under the HTML tab on the page where you write a new post, then click the COMPOSE tab to finish your writing and see your photo.

    Flickr is free with, I believe, 3 folders to fill up as full as you would like, but I do have a membership which gives me unlimited amount of folders to organize. I do know when I load a photo directly from my computer into the post here, it's never the right size for me, even if you change it ... using the code from Flickr works much better for me. Well, I hope that helps, Christy. I can try to help if you have any questions about the rest of Blogger, too! I'm looking forward to keeping up with a fellow Hoosier, on here! :) Looks like summer has begun with these sultry temperatures the past couple of days! I much prefer the 60's, or 70's!

    You have a blessed weekend, my friend, and if you get a chance, stop on over and say hi. Not sure if you've already done this but, a little ways down, beneath my photo on the right side, click 'Join This Site', and become a 'member' / follower. That way my posts will show up in your 'reader'. You'll see the others who are following me there, too.

    Debi <><

    1. Hi Debi! Thanks for visiting my page again. I know I've been to yours and thought I had joined it, but just looked again and now I have. Your page looks great. I hope I can figure this out like you have! I might even have a Flickr page I can't remember! I know I look at my daughter-in-law's. Thanks for the encouragement!

      My booth is doing ok, I am probably not going to make a lot of profit on it! But fun to try. Have a great weekend!

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