Monday, November 25, 2013

Birdfeeders at Bluebird in the Pines

I worked for 2 years at Wild Birds Unlimited, which I enjoyed because I am a bird lover and already knew a lot about bird feeding.  But I learned a lot more in that time!  While I was there I added to my feeder stations and have quite a variety. 

I stopped in at WBU and stocked up today!  My feeders had been empty for a while and it made me sad to look out and not see any birds, and when there was one or two they were trying to find a morsel.  Now there is plenty of nyger for the finches, suet, sunflower seed mix, peanut pieces and peanuts in the shell, and suet plugs in a woodpecker feeder.   As I was filling them up I noticed a bluejay flying around watching.  They LOVE the peanuts.  Chickadees will be here soon gobbling up the sunflower seed and finches will be back, soon becoming mottled since they lose their pretty gold color in the winter.  There are lots of cardinals, woodpeckers, nuthatches and probably there will be the fat little dark eyed juncos that come in winter. 

I love the saying that "birds are the flowers of winter."  To me it's a little like fishing, putting out the food and then wait and see what comes.  Since they have been empty, it will take a few days til the crowd is back, but they will be back!

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